IDIS Unveils its VA in the Box Analytics

From IDIS a powerful tool available for making businesses more competitive, the VA in the Box gives customers access to the information needed to make the best possible business decisions. The data generated gives retailers and other end-users the opportunity to learn more about their customers, their behaviour as well as their needs and demands. Its simple plug-and-play installation makes IDIS’ VA in the Box perfect for integrators and installers who may be unfamiliar with complicated software-based analytics. It requires little or no maintenance and ensures a low cost of ownership for end-users.

Features include: -

People counting: allowing users to count, track and analyse shoppers. This provides insight into exactly how many people come and go as well as the difference between the estimated and actual floating population. The management and administration through people counting is essential for places requiring high-level security - such as airports and other transportation hubs. The expected number of visitors can be predicted by accumulated data so the appropriate action can be taken in advance.

Heatmaps: allow retailers to visualise visitor footfall and behaviour and highlight where people spend their time and what they interact with. This can be utilised to determine the best location for maximising exposure - such as new product zones or areas with sluggish sales. It can also be used to select the best locations for advertisements and promotional materials.

Queue Management: reduce customer waiting times and allow retailers to manage queues more effectively. This feature enhances customer satisfaction by enabling the opening and closing of the appropriate number of counters based on how many customers are waiting. Operated by an alarm, this function allows employees to provide quick and accurate service to their waiting customers as well as an efficient internal shift-change system.

Analytical Reporting: gives users graphs and thumbnails by setting a time period. Periodical analysis is available through the IDS Center™ video management software “VA Report" tab. Users can check hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data in detail by simply entering a date and time. The data from the people counting, queue management and heatmap functions can be reviewed individually or collectively.


Panasonic release IP Video Intercom system

Panasonic has launched a new IP video intercom system aimed at meeting the demand for integration between different building systems. The VL-VN1900 works with a range of devices, including networked CCTV cameras, SIP phones and network video recorders.

Using PoE the system can be connected using a single cable which reduces the installation complexity and cost. The system supports up to 2,000 SIP devices using standard PoE with the addition of a control box.

Ye-Un Lee, Marketing Manager for Panasonic Video Intercom, said “Many new developments already have IP-based cabling installed as trunk lines, making IP video intercom systems comparatively straightforward to install. The IP-based system meets the demands of a large busy apartment building, as the system can support multiple sessions at once, unlike incumbent analogue intercom systems. For larger developments IP is also a major improvement because it can support many more devices.” A new room monitor is also being launched as part of the system. The VL-MN1000 is a 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen which connects to a Panasonic IP camera, as well as integrating with electronic locks, enabling access control straight from the monitor.

The IP video intercom system also includes new door and lobby stations with a wide angle camera and RFID reader for entry cards that supports up to five cards per resident. Reception mode also gives the option for incoming calls to go to reception rather than to individual residences - giving peace of mind to residents particularly overnight. There’s also recording functionality incorporating video and sound as well as still imagery.


FLIR offer 3MP corner camera

New from FLIR, the Ariel 3MP Corner Camera features a unique corner-shape form factor with a specialised lens that provides a ceiling-to-floor as well as wall-to-wall field of view. Thanks to its impact-resistant, vandal-proof, no-grip housing, built-in microphone and discreet Infrared illumination, the Ariel 3MP Corner camera provides an ideal indoor/outdoor solution for prison cells, holding cells, healthcare facilities, elevators, lobbies or any area requiring corner mounting and full coverage from a single, unobtrusive, ruggedised and safe camera.

Corner shape with no grip/ligature
Extended Field of View (wall-wall/ceiling-floor)
Extreme durability
IK10+ 50 Joule /IP66
Discreet IR illumination (940nm)
Built-in Microphone
Wide Dynamic Range
Privacy Zones
Tamper Detection
Storage on the Edge


TOA release new matrix amplifier

The new TOA MA-725F Matrix Amplifier is designed to meet the demand for simpler and more cost-effective, mid-level background music and paging systems that require higher power with multiple zones.

At its core, the MA-725F is a 6-input matrix mixer. Four of its inputs are configured for BGM or other line-level sources whilst the other two balanced inputs are designated for priority sources - such as paging mics or message players. This is coupled in a single chassis with a 4 x 250W (@70 or 100V) Class D amplifier section capable of driving large speaker compliments with maximum efficiency. A totally digital product sporting 24Bit/48kHz digital sound quality its simple user-interface belies its advanced inner workings. The only controls any user needs to access are the front panel source select buttons and four output level (zone) controls. All the other controls are placed on the rear panel to prevent any unauthorised tampering. An optional wall control (WP-700-AM) can be connected via a single shielded CAT5 cable to each of the four output channels to allow access to volume and source select.

The digital mixer section also features a menu of 26 TOA speaker EQ pre-sets (selectable by dip-switch), factory-loaded to optimize the sound of their most popular PA and audio speakers. It also provides settings to allow bi-amping with subwoofers and offers many popular audio playback EQ curves. TOA will also offer a non-powered Matrix Mixer version (MM-700F) for use with external amplifiers to enable customised power selection.

The MA-725F matrix amplifier performs matrix controls from 4 LINE plus 2 MIC/LINE level inputs to 4 output channels. Each output channel features 64 DSP pre-set selections for general equalisations, crossover for sub-woofers or a variety of TOA speaker EQ settings. 2 MIC/LINE inputs have 1st and 2nd priority levels that can override assigned output channels automatically or manually. If connected with optional WP-700-AM wall remotes via shielded CAT-5 cable audio source selection and volume controls can be done remotely. All assignments and set-ups can be done by dip-switches on its rear panel without a laptop or a PC. This unit fits a wide range of applications that require multi-zone paging and/or background music distribution at restaurants, retail stores, factories and many other venues.

The WP-700-AM is a remote control switch/volume panel that is designed for the MA-725F mixer amplifier which can remote select input source and adjust volume levels when connected via a shielded Ethernet cable to the MA-725F mixer amplifier.


Vicon launch Valerus release V1.2 VMS

Vicon Industries, designers and manufacturers of video surveillance and access control software, hardware and components have announced the release of Valerus 1.2 - the latest version of its popular video management software. With this latest release, Valerus further enhances the simple, completely hassle-free user experience that the software has been designed to deliver.

New features include: -

Three powerful search options: to help find recorded video evidence as quickly as possible. Thumbnail Search, Museum Search and Events Framework Search provide three distinct methods for searching - depending on the nature of the query.

Built-in dewarping and viewing controls for 360-degree cameras: allow Valerus users to get the most out of today’s popular, high-resolution fisheye cameras. Multiple view perspectives - including quad views and 180-degree perimeters - provide the same level of detailed coverage that would typically require the use of many megapixel cameras. Pre-sets and pan/zoom capabilities further enhance the flexibility and performance the cameras can deliver.

Enhanced health dashboard statistics: provide detailed graphs for every camera and NVR on the network making it easier to assess system behaviour and diagnose problems.

Additional network settings: give system administrators more flexibility in how to set-up, secure, backup and maintain their Valerus system. Valerus now supports encrypted communication over https networks, provides the ability to regularly back-up system configuration settings and allows for easy system-wide software updates by pushing new software from the application server to all NVRs. It also supports both IPV4 and IPV6 devices.

Security Keypads and PLC Controllers: can now connect to Valerus systems allowing for camera views, pre-sets, and even webpages to be called up quickly using numerical values.


Optex update Smart Line series

The latest product release from Optex offers wireless or hybrid perimeter protection for quick installation. The SL-TNR is a cost-effective and versatile solution to protect a perimeter line up to 60m long where cabling is an issue or inconvenient. Both the transmitter and receiver beams can be battery powered using D size lithium batteries or universal CR123A batteries. The receiver can also be hard-wired. The SL-TNR series has been designed to work with D size lithium batteries – the Vitzro D is recommended by Optex. Using 2 of these batteries in the transmitter and in the receiver (four in total) the batteries’ life expectancy is approximately 5 years. The units can also be powered by the universal CR123A batteries which are easily available and cost-effective. Eight pieces are required for each beam providing an approximate battery life of 1 year. For each wireless beam a pack of two battery holders containing four batteries each are required.

For applications where one beam is close to a main power source but the other beam needs to be wireless, the SL-TNR features the option to hard wire the infrared beam receiver using the optional PCU-5 power converter.


GJD acquire Radiovisor

GJD, one of the leading manufacturers and designers of professional external detector equipment and LED illuminators, has acquired all of Radiovisor Limited t/a Lazer Systems’ infrared beam and barrier technology and related intellectual property rights.

Radiovisor’s ‘PREDATOR’ range of dual, quad and tower active IR beam sets, plus the ATEX approved GS100 beam for use in hazardous areas, will now be manufactured at GJD’s factory in Heywood which will undoubtedly enhance GJD’s perimeter security product range.

Radiovisor Parent Limited, which was established over 90 years ago, were the innovators of the Active Infrared beam.

The innovative high security PREDATOR system, which is accessed by the CPNI panel, has met the necessary requirements to be included in the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) - “Approved for UK Government Use, for details contact CPNI”. The integral MM100 beam sets also hold NATO codification. Radiovisor’s IR beam technology will complement GJD’s product range immediately. It will provide installers, specifiers and consultants with a ‘one stop shop’ for IP connected detectors, active infra-red beams, alarm devices and CCTV LED illuminators for all aspects of external security detection and illumination.


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