Sales team ‘certified’

Thanks to a recent training session from transmission experts AMG, a number of the Pro-Vision internal sales team are now certified to CIBSE standard. The Introduction to Networking/IPTV System Design course was carried out at Pro-Vision’s offices in Shrewsbury. A refresher course for some, and new to others, the course can be used to contribute towards the CIBSE ‘Continuing Professional Development Requirement’.

Simon Davies, Sales Office Manager for Pro-Vision said, “A large percentage of the team are comfortable with IPTV system design but this certificate gives individuals formal accredited recognition for the knowledge they’ve gained.”


FLIR’s intelligent tracking device

The FLIR trk-101p pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) Tracker is a self-contained single channel H.264 video analytics encoder with intelligent PTZ capabilities.

The unit analyses captured video signals to send alarm notifications for people, vehicles and objects that cross a perimeter line, enter a pre-defined region or are left behind/removed from a scene. Users can set customised rules and criteria to define the perimeter and what they want to detect. For sites with Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, once a moving object has been detected, the unit controls and moves the PTZ camera to automatically track and zoom in on the threat.

Part of the ioi intelligent video encoder series, the PTZ Tracker features analogue and IP streaming video outputs (H.264, MPEG-4 SP and MJPEG) that enable hybrid connectivity to both legacy and IP-based CCTV networks. The unit can be configured through a standard web browser and set up in five minutes.


Pelco offer VideoXpert Professional Video Management System

Implementing a professional Video Management System (VMS) is now more convenient and economically practical with the introduction of VideoXpert Professional from Pelco by Schneider Electric. Designed for small to medium sized business (SMB), VideoXpert Professional features easy plug-and-play installation complete with IT-friendly Windows and an intuitive interface for ease of operation.

According to Pelco - “VideoXpert Professional is a real game changer. It provides SMB users with the ability to easily control and manage surveillance cameras with advanced features and capabilities and exceptional cost efficiency. It’s also designed for easy installation so users can be up and running very quickly. We’re so confident that VideoXpert Professional is the VMS solution that SMBs have been waiting for that we’re launching it in conjunction with our unique ‘Control with Confidence’ free software-only demo licences so they can experience it for themselves!”

VideoXpert Professional bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise-level VMS platforms. With a selection of servers designed to handle up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional delivers a VMS solution that can be modularly scaled by adding VX Pro servers to meet future system expansion requirements. With all essential functions on a single machine, easy access to actionable information and pre-defined roles for easy user creation, VideoXpert Professional provides SMBs with extensive VMS capabilities. Featuring Dell hardware, VideoXpert Professional users will have the added benefit of leveraging Dell support tools and apps. Advanced features include: hardware acceleration which allows users to display high MP camera images more easily; H.264 coding over WAN transport; anti-virus support on the ops centre client; and simple export procedures that allow quick and easy handover of video data to law enforcement agencies. Another core feature of VideoXpert Professional is that it is extremely easy to install - which can take well under 20 minutes – from unpacking to implementation – with little or no previous VMS experience.

Details of the ‘Control with Confidence’ offer are available from the Pro-Vision sales team.


Videx release new digital GSM system

Videx’s new system uses mobile technology to communicate and operate doors, automatic gates, car parks and remote site applications, making it the perfect security solution for unmanned sites and communications outside of normal business hours. It is available as part of the popular 4000 series modular door entry system with a vandal-resistant surface or flush panel that can call up to 500 users, each with a divert facility of up to three additional numbers should the others be engaged or unanswered.

GSM systems enable calls to be placed from an entrance point to any mobile or landline telephone. Entry can then be granted using the telephone keypad. Videx’s new digital GSM system offers a number of advanced features and flexibility for users. For example, the large graphical display enables apartment numbers, resident names, departments and company names to be shown with an easy-to-use scroll facility to help the visitor search for the person they’re visiting. There is also integrated proximity access control for up to 2,000 users and a coded access facility for up to 500 users that can be used as a means of entry.

GSM systems require minimum installation and set-up time, allowing them to be installed in places that would be too difficult or too expensive to hard wire. There is no need for any cabling to telephone points as the system utilises the existing mobile network infrastructure - allowing calls to be made to anywhere in the world.

Systems can be installed in a very short period of time requiring only the mounting of the entrance panel and connection to a power supply, antenna and gate or door-releasing device. The new system also comes with a customisable LCD display, back-lit keypad for poor lighting conditions and an event log to record events which can then be viewed using PC software.

Programming and maintenance of the user’s details, access control codes and fobs can all be controlled via SMS text messages, via the entrance panel using the keypad and display and via a PC using either a USB or RS485 connection. The GSM system’s flexibility allows changes to be made remotely without the need to revisit the site. Dry contact relay output, additional switched 0V output, push to exit button input, trade time clock input and auxiliary inputs are also all available.


LILIN announce new compact network domes

LILIN have announced a new 2” range of dome cameras in a choice of 4MP, 20FPS or 1080P 30FPS streaming. They also feature day/night switching, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Sense Up+. The new range includes internal mini domes and external vandal-resistant cameras that are ONVIF compliant and have a large selection of Intelligent Video surveillance features.

The MR632 HD 30M IR fixed dome IP camera in the M series features 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, built-in Sense up+ technology to deliver great video in low-light conditions. Utilising IP66, HDR, AGC control and 3D Noise Reduction, the combination successfully delivers a super low-light image with infrared. The support of PoE, privacy mask and white balance, as well as the minimum illumination of 0.15 Lux at F2.0 allows multiple applications.

The MR6322 HD 30M IR fixed dome IP camera in the M series features 1080p at 30 frames per second. It has the same specification as the MR632 plus built-in intelligent video surveillance (IVS) functions.

The MR6342 HD 30M IR fixed dome IP camera in the M series, which features 4MP resolution at 20 frames per second, is supported by two internal options (1080p and 4MP) both with intelligent video surveillance.


From B-Tech – it’s all about the base!

B-Tech Audio Video Mounts has launched a new range of premium freestanding solutions suitable for portrait and landscape screens. Designed for a variety of uses, including digital signage to video conferencing, the range offers a choice of mounting options – in both size and screen orientation. The product family, which brings aesthetically pleasing British engineering into the boardroom, makes use of the latest addition to B-Tech’s System X range - a new freestanding base that eliminates the need to bolt down for stability.

The BT8380-FSB base supports BT8380 columns and can also be used with B-Tech’s Ø60mm poles. Features include adjustable feet for uneven floor surfaces and integrated cable management for neat and tidy installations. The heavy-duty steel construction provides stability, eliminating the need to drill and fix to the floor.

The new base is utilised across a range of new stands for a variety of applications:

BTF840 – Universal Flat Screen Floor Stand for either landscape or portrait displays – 1.8m
BTF841 – Universal Dual Stack Flat Screen Floor Stand for either landscape or portrait mounting of two displays – 1.8m
BTF842 – Universal Dual Stack Flat Screen Floor Stand for portrait mounting two large displays – 2.4m
BTF843 – Universal Portrait Flat Screen Floor Stand designed to mount extra-large screens in a portrait orientation – 1.8m
BTF844 – Universal Twin Screen VC Stand for side-to-side display configurations – 1.8m
BTF845 – Universal Twin Screen VC Stand for side-to-side display configurations of large screens – 1.8m


Video Analytics now available on Genie Wish H.265 cameras

Popular British manufacturer Genie is now offering Video Analytics on their Wish range of surveillance cameras. Set-up is easy thanks to the user-friendly GUI.

Users can now benefit from the following intelligence features: Camera Mask, Camera Scene Change, Object Added or Removed from the location, Intrusion Detection and Line Crossing (A>B) (B>A) (A<>B).

The analytics assist in highlighting the unusual from the ordinary, improving reaction time and quickly reporting the incident to a response team or the emergency services.

According to Genie - “Our analytics offer users a more robust surveillance system. Users gain invaluable data that can be intelligently used to strengthen business operations, health and safety as well as people management. What’s more it comes as standard with all H.265 Network IP Video Recorders at no extra cost or additional licences.”

It’s also supported on certain models purchased from 1st July 2017 onwards. For more information – contact the internal sales team.


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