Raytec launch VARIO2 hybrid illuminators

Raytec have released their new range of VARIO2 IP Hybrid Illuminators that combine 4 key technologies into a single package. Each illuminator combines infra-red, white-light, IP connectivity and PoE technology into a single networked package – designed to deliver the right light for any situation, at any time.

VARIO2 IP Hybrid utilises Raytec’s latest PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs which are individually over 200% more powerful than previous generation LEDs. This allows Raytec to integrate all the performance of two full size illuminators (one infra-red and one white-light) into one much smaller hybrid platform. Now security professionals get all the performance of two illuminators from a single package whilst reducing capital outlay, infrastructure and running costs.

Fully IP addressable, VARIO2 IP Hybrid allows you to stay connected with your site at all times. Operated remotely via a user-friendly GUI, users can take control of their lighting at any time to respond to live events or make easy remote adjustments. VARIO2 IP Hybrid can also be fully integrated with VMS, BMS or other third party devices plus it can be automated to respond to any incident, there and then, even if the site is unmanned.


FLIR release FB Series O thermal cameras

FLIR have introduced the FLIR FB Series O - a new series of fixed thermal security cameras. Designed for short to mid range perimeter protection, the FLIR FB-Series O cameras offer plug-and-play integration with FLIR United VMS and certified by other major third-party video management solutions, making it a versatile solution for new or existing security systems.

Joining an award-winning line up of perimeter protection thermal cameras, the FLIR FB-Series O features a 320x240 resolution thermal imaging sensor that detects potential intruders in total darkness, as well as through sun glare, smoke, dust and light fog. Three separate lens options – 93, 49 and 24-degree field of views – provide narrow-to-wide coverage of fence lines, building perimeters and open areas.

The FLIR FB-Series O integrates with FLIR analytic encoders such as FLIR ioi TRK-101 that help to distinguish between humans and vehicles and the FLIR ioi TRK-101 P PTZ Tracker that hand-over ‘targets’ to thermal or visible pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)-enabled cameras on the same network. Advanced automatic gain control (AGC) and FLIR's Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) provide optimum image quality in all scenes and by integrating with FLIR United VMS thermal configuration, alarm notifications are also easily managed. The FLIR FB-Series O comes with FLIR’s industry-leading 10-year warranty on the thermal sensor and a three-year warranty on the camera body.


Dallmeier release 2MP bullet camera

Dallmeier have released a new 2MP bullet camera. The DF5210HD-DN/IR excels in providing quality images even in low-light applications which require 24-hour video surveillance.

The extremely high light sensitivity of the sensor combined with the sophisticated image processing ensure crisp colour images even in the dark. In night mode, the camera provides outstanding results due to its excellent infra-red sensitivity. It is equipped with an ambient light sensor and a removable IR cut filter which can automatically switch between day and night mode. In addition, different day and night presets can be defined and adjusted for the exposure settings. The automatic day/night operation is supported by a uniform IR illumination provided by semi-covert 850nm high power LEDs. In the IR mode at night the camera provides excellent results due to the high infra-red sensitivity and thus meets the most demanding requirements for 24-hour operation.

The camera has a motor-driven megapixel varifocal lens that is perfectly tuned to the image sensor. The adjustment of zoom, focus and iris is made conveniently using a web browser. Manual lens setting directly at the installation site is not required. The Digital Image Shift function allows a fine adjustment of the captured image section (horizontal and vertical at 16:9 resolutions, horizontal at 4:3 resolutions) via a web browser ensuring quick and easy installation. Depending on the selected resolution, the used area on the image sensor can be moved and adapted to local conditions. Manual fine alignment of the camera directly at the installation site is not required.

A standard feature, the Video Content Analysis (VCA), detects movements and objects in the uncompressed image and analyses them in real-time (depending on the analysis resolution) with highly developed analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing. The detected events can be used to trigger the Dallmeier SMAVIA recording system and together with the detected objects and the corresponding metadata, they are stored in a database. This allows the targeted search and evaluation of the recordings on the SMAVIA Viewing Client with the function SmartFinder.


Vanderbilt – for when the heat is on!

The new Vanderbilt IP Bullet cameras incorporate many advanced features to match today’s security requirements. H.264 & MJPEG dual encoding functionality allow the Vanderbilt 3MP Varifocal Day/Night IR Bullet cameras to be used in almost every networking application. The additional BLC with enhanced WDR function gives better camera performance under extremely bright or dark ambient light conditions. The enhanced high temperature range allows this camera to be used in applications where environmental temperature of up to +65°C is required.

A mechanically removable IR-cut filter allows the true day/night cameras to provide excellent colour picture quality in day mode and the mechanically movable IR-Cut filter enables IR-sensitive, crisp, clear monochrome images at night. A mounting bracket with 3 adjustable axes is included which allows the cameras to be installed in a large number of different mounting options. The motorised integrated lens makes it easy to set-up zoom ratio and focus via a Web-Browser.

Vanderbilt also offer a 3 mega pixel box camera – CCMW3025-HT - that is equally suitable for temperatures of up to +65°C.


Videx boxing clever

Videx have announced the introduction of the 316C to their digital VX2200 range of door entry video systems with a distribution box that makes it easier for video systems to be installed. It has been designed for use with Cat5/Cat6 cabling which is becoming an increasingly popular choice for video entry system installations.

The 316C distribution box is specifically designed for the digital VX2200 video systems that enable installers to use standard Cat5/Cat6 cable with RJ45 connectors to make the connections between the videophones and the riser. Most installers will be very familiar with the use of RJ45 connections in the field of access control, door entry and CCTV. The new unit will simplify the installation and help the installer with any fault finding should the need arise.

The new distribution unit can be used with the 6000 Series range of videophones that include the 6276 3.5” videophone, 6378 3.5” hands-free video monitor, 6478 4.3” hands-free video monitor and the 6778 7” hands-free video monitor. These videophones also include an RJ45 connector.


Ultra-slim B-Tech mounting solution

B-Tech have added to their range of pop-out mounting solutions with the introduction of their ultra-slim BT8312. Designed to make video wall installations as quick and simple as possible, their latest mount can be used to create unlimited video wall configurations in both landscape and portrait format.

The ultra-slim profile of the BT8312 makes it the ideal choice for mounting into walls with a narrow recess or when space in front of the wall is at a premium. ADA compliance - American legislation relating to the accessibility of electronic and information technology for people with disabilities - states that wall mounted screens in public places must not protrude more than 100mm from the wall. As screens get thinner, with some sub-50mm deep models now available, the BT8312 is ideal for meeting these regulations.

As part of the B-Tech family of mounting solutions, the BT8312 also works perfectly as a pole mounted solution when used with the System 2 range.

Similar to their ever-popular BT8310 mount, the BT8312’s pop-out system allows quick and easy access to the rear of mounted screen for servicing, and tool-less micro-adjustment enables simple and accurate screen alignment. The BT8312 also features wall plate keyhole fixing with mounting template spacers available to eliminate time-consuming calculations and on-site measuring.


TOA offer SIP gateway

The N-8000SG Q SIP Gateway allows you to connect the N-8000 IP Intercom System to a SIP phone system.

Communication can be established from the N-8000 to the SIP phone system and vice versa. This also allows up to five conversations at one time with the ability to initiate a page and access the door remote control features.


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