FLIR release dual thermal/video PTZ camera

The PT-Series HD features a new high performance 4X optical zoom thermal lens with auto focus. This new lens technology provides a wider zoom range and improved imaging performance compared to previous generation lenses. In addition, FLIR’s PT-Series HD introduces new, fixed focal fast lens options. The camera sees clearly in complete darkness, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust or even light fog. As a result, the PT-Series HD provides superior perimeter protection, regardless of the lighting and environmental conditions.

In addition to thermal imaging, the PT-Series HD has high quality, visible-light imaging. Offering 1080p high definition resolution, the camera’s visible light sensor introduces outstanding low-light performance, shutter WDR and is equipped with 30X optical zoom with auto-focus.

The PT-Series HD integrates with FLIR’s United VMS (Latitude, Horizon, Meridian), providing a seamless user experience. Users gain a full set of viewing and control options including the all new dual-sensor viewing mode, fully programmable preset tour and alarm functions.


Bosch launch H.265 bullet cameras

Bosch has recently launched three new bullet cameras to ensure there is a bullet for any application.

The NBE-4502-AL and the NBE-6502-AL are 1080p infrared bullets. These robust, true day/night cameras provide high quality HD images for the most demanding security and surveillance network requirements with excellent performance 24/7. The built-in infrared LEDs provide quality night-time monitoring with 60m (196 feet) viewing distance in darkness. The NBE-5503-AL is the 5MP bullet version.

The robust aluminium housing on all the bullets provides high installation flexibility. Rated to IP67 standards the camera resists both water and dust ingress in tough environments. The 2.8 to 12mm AVF (Automatic Varifocal) lens allows users to choose the coverage area remotely. The automatic zoom/focus lens wizard makes it easy for an installer to accurately zoom and focus the camera for both day and night operation. The wizard is activated from a PC or the on-board camera push button making it easy to choose the workflow that is most suitable. The AVF (Automatic Varifocal) feature means that the zoom can be changed without opening the camera. The automatic motorised zoom/focus adjustment with 1:1 pixel mapping ensures the camera is always accurately focused.

The built-in video analysis reinforces the Intelligence at the Edge concept and now delivers even more powerful features. Essential Video Analytics are ideal for use in controlled environments with limited detection ranges. The system reliably detects, tracks and analyses objects and alerts users when predefined alarms are triggered. A smart set of alarm rules make complex tasks easy and keep false alarms to a minimum. Metadata is attached to the video to add sense and structure. This enables users to quickly retrieve the relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimise business processes based on people counting or crowd density information.

With an impressive 134dB Wide Dynamic Range to see details in bright and dark areas simultaneously the NBE-6502-AL Starlight option also delivers 60fps @ 1080p.


IDIS offer 12 megapixel super fisheye camera

The DC-Y3C12WRX 12mp IR vandal-resistant fisheye camera is the latest 360-degree camera from IDIS.

Vandal-resistant to Ik10 and rated to IP66 the external fisheye has 6 IR LEDs ensuring 15m visibility at night and provision for a third party illuminator to provide better night vision. The bullet supports true wide dynamic range (WDR) up to 120dB and provides clear images in various scenes even under difficult lighting conditions.

Along with their new 5MP fisheyes all support dewarping on the camera as well as on client applications (including smart phones). Network video recorder (NVR) dewarping is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications - such as retail shops, restaurants and supermarkets. This offers customers a wide choice of recording platforms and video management software (VMS) options.

As with all the IDIS network camera range - DirectIP true plug-and-play functionality and automatic network detection and device set-up result in a system that is quick, easy and cost effective to install.


Aiphone announce new stainless steel video entrance station

New from Aiphone the GT-DMB-N is a video entrance station with a stainless steel panel for the GT Series multi-tenant video intercom system. It is equipped with a PTZ camera which captures a 170° wide angle view to minimise blind spots. The numeric keypad allows for direct dialling and authorised entry access. A 3.5" colour LCD displays a greeting message, tenant directory and system status. The colour LCD may be set to energy saver mode and can be activated via the built-in motion sensor. A built-in user guide can be configured to display one of six languages. The guide provides operational assistance by displaying a visual icon together with the option for audible instruction.

The GT-DMB-N works on a common bus wiring system, carrying the call and communication functions on a 2-conductor wire and the video signal on a second 2-conductor wire. A separate power supply provides voltage for the LCD display whilst the power for the audio and video is supplied on the common bus wires.

The entrance station can be flush mounted (using a GF-3B back box) or surface mounted (using a SBX-GTDMB surface mount box). Both mounting boxes are sold separately.


LILIN release new external turret camera

LILIN have released the MR652 – a new turret camera that offers high definition images and 30 metre range IR. It is a fixed dome IP camera under their popular L series. Features include: 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and built-in Sense up+ technology to deliver super video in low-light conditions.

Utilising IP66, HDR, AGC control and 3D Noise Reduction the combination successfully delivers an excellent low-light image with infrared. The support of PoE, privacy mask and white balance as well as the minimum illumination of 0.15 Lux at F2.0 ensure this camera is suitable for use in multiple applications.


Bosch ‘speaks up’!

The LB 20 series is the latest addition to the Bosch range of compact loudspeakers for installed applications. It has been designed to ensure efficient installation for the installer or integrator and excellent results for the end-user. The series includes 4 inch, 5.25” and 8” two-way models with a matching dual 10” subwoofer making it easy to select a suitable model for a specific space.

LB 20 models are engineered for superior sound quality, low profile aesthetics and reliability for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. The series offers weatherproof construction for outdoor spaces which has been confirmed by rigorous testing. All models are paintable and IP54 certified for weather resistance. An IP65 weatherproof version is also available.

An innovative wall-mount system makes installation quicker and easier than previous models. The installer simply attaches the wall-mount (a built-in spirit level makes this a simpler task) and connects the cables. With a paint cover to protect the wall-mount until construction is completed (when it is removed), the final task is simply to slide the pre-wired speaker with adjustable arm onto the wall-mount and lock it into place.


Veracity add to LONGSPAN range

Veracity’s LONGSPAN is a highly reliable extreme Ethernet extender that allows IP devices to be placed almost anywhere.

IP cameras can demand peak network bandwidth of several times their average data rate whilst transmitting high-activity or low-light scenes. LONGSPAN has been designed to run IP cameras over 800 metres (2600 feet) of normal network cable, supporting the full 200Mbps required for 100Base-T Ethernet. The full-speed Ethernet provided by LONGSPAN ensures perfect image quality at critical moments - even at the longest cable ranges. For even more extreme distances LONGSPAN can automatically drop to 10Base-T operation supporting a range of over 1000 metres (3280 feet).

PoE equipped models allow all of the power for the link to be sourced from a single PoE switch or power supply for simple installation and reliable UPS-backed power delivery. LONGSPAN’s unique power transmission technology can deliver the full 25.5 watts required for PoE Plus equipment at up to 600 metres (2000 feet) or standard 15 watt POE up to 820 metres (2600 feet).

LONGSPAN also supports 1-pair and 2-pair cables with extended range so analogue cameras in UTP installations can now be upgraded to IP without the need to replace the installed cabling infrastructure. Veracity LONGSPAN’s unique technology automatically adapts to the number of pairs available and delivers the same unrestricted 10 or 100Mbps full-duplex network connection ensuring predictable IP video quality each and every time.

Working with the highly reliable LONGSPAN Base, their Duo and Quad device options are now available and will enable installers to connect and power up to 4 IP devices at extreme distances.


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