Hanwha and TDSi software integration

Video surveillance specialists Hanwha Techwin and access control experts TDSi, have successfully integrated Wisenet SSM video management software (VMS) with the TDSi EXgarde® PRO Access Management PC software application.

The integration has been achieved via a transaction server module, which is part of the Wisenet SSM VMS solution and links access control activity with related video captured by Wisenet cameras. Any unauthorised person attempting entry into a sensitive area of a building will, for example, immediately generate an alert and display images of the incident on a control room video wall or spot monitor. Other possible actions include the triggering of nearby PTZ dome cameras to commence a pre-configured tour of the surrounding areas to enable operators to have a complete understanding of what may be happening and the display of the respective access control point on a map of the building.

EXgarde® PRO is a fully featured Access Management PC software application that can be used to control one door at one site for just a small number of users, through to thousands of doors at multiple sites with thousands of users. It is designed to seamlessly integrate the many aspects of a security and building management system using a single database and a single user interface. These include fire, intrusion, building automation and management, Active Directory and biometric technologies as well as video surveillance.

Wisenet SSM has been developed by Hanwha Techwin to ensure users achieve maximum benefit from the comprehensive range of Wisenet IP network cameras, recording devices and servers, whilst facilitating integration with third party systems such as access control and intruder alarms. It also supports the specialist analytics applications that can be run on Wisenet cameras.


Pelco/Oncam’s 360 stainless steel camera

The Oncam Evolution stainless steel cameras are unique in the 360° video surveillance market. Both the 5MP and 12MP versions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers operating in extreme environments where resilience is paramount.

Examples of these markets are pharmaceuticals, food processing, industrial and chemical plants, ports and marine. The Evolution stainless steel camera is available in two mounting options – Pendant Mount and Surface Mount.

The casing is made from electro-polished marine grade 316 stainless steel for maximum resistance to corrosion. The IP69K/IK10 ratings make the enclosure resistant to high-pressure water jets, dust and vandalism. All these features come in a stylish design that makes this product ideal for prestige architecture – proving that functionality doesn’t have to compromise on innovation and quality.


Bosch announce new Autodome options

Bosch Security has announced that its Autodome 4000i and 5000i cameras are to feature integral intelligence in order to deliver enhanced security. The Autodome pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras feature built-in video analytics as standard and add metadata to all captured video images. This data can be used to improve security by automatically alerting users once pre-defined criteria are met or for other uses beyond security such as enforcing traffic regulations, no-parking zones etc.

The built-in Essential Video Analytics enable the cameras to generate metadata to add sense and structure to the video footage, instead of just capturing and storing video images. Not only do they detect objects, but they can also deliver associated data like size, speed, shape, direction and colour. This allows the domes to automatically distinguish between object types such as people, cars, bikes, motorcycles or goods vehicles. Because it’s possible to set alarm rules, such as someone approaching or climbing over a fence, security personnel are alerted the moment the alarm rule is triggered. It can be configured to recognise changes in speed (running), shape (crouching) or aspect ratio (falling). When searching for evidence, metadata combined with the forensic search functionality allows instant retrieval of relevant footage from hours of stored video.

The Autodome IP 4000i is designed for internal use. It features full pan and tilt control, plus 12x optical zoom that identifies fast-moving objects in HD1080p resolution with frame rates of up to 60fps at distances of up to 88 metres.

For internal and external applications with a larger surveillance area, the Autodome IP 5000i features 30x optical zoom and HD1080p resolution at 60fps, enabling fast-moving objects to be identified at up to 190 metres.

For night use, the AUTODOME IP 5000i IR features built-in infrared illumination with a range of 150 metres.

Both camera series include intelligent dynamic noise reduction and intelligent streaming together with H.265 video compression.


IDIS 4 channel recorder

Its sleek design with a built-in Power Over Ethernet (PoE) switch, wide choice of cameras and future scalability makes the DR-1204P an ideal cost-effective solution for small to medium sized businesses.

IDIS, South Korea’s largest surveillance manufacturer, has launched its latest network video recorder, the DR-1204P, packed with an array of easy to use features.

The recorder supports up to 5MP high definition (HD) recording with one month’s footage retention and utilises IDIS Intelligent Codec to deliver significant savings on bandwidth and storage particularly when used with Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT) in areas where there is little or no motion as well as out of hours. The new 4-channel NVR also comes with totally cost-free video management software (VMS), IDIS Center™ and mobile apps - meaning zero licensing costs without any on-going service or maintenance fees ensuring the IDIS signature low total cost of ownership.

The DR-1204P has a truly compact design and features super smooth and intuitive monitoring with a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras to cover a range of applications. Its future-proof scalability means customers can simply add more IDIS NVRs and cameras as required making this IDIS DirectIP plug and play solution easily expandable for future surveillance upgrades.

Customers can manage multiple locations in one application with IDIS Center’s intuitive and user-friendly interface plus see what’s happening 24/7 with live HD view via a smartphones or tablets whilst on the move.


Videx offer off-line Access Control option

MiAccess is a new offline, standalone proximity access control system from Videx. It’s ideal for a wide range of buildings that have single or multiple entrances including offices, residential homes and guesthouses, as well as fitness centres, caravan parks and small hotels.

The beauty of the offline access control system is that it can be part of a multiple entrance (80 maximum) system without the need to cable between devices. This means that it’s extremely easy to install and very cost effective too so it’s ideal for smaller installations - saving installation time whilst still maintaining system flexibility.

A free software (PROA-MS for access control and PROH-MS for hotels and guest houses) allows users to configure different access levels, user rights and view reports and the access rights of each user are stored on the Mifare cards. The system can be completely managed from the user-friendly PC programme, reducing the installation cost and the complications associated with routing cables around a building. Multiple sites can be managed from the same PC programme making this a great choice for engineers who maintain several installations. The system allows the management of all access points to be controlled from a PC using read/write Mifare cards to transfer data to and from the readers when required. Alternatively data can be transferred using the USB port found on each reader.

MiAccess is a complete user-friendly and competitively priced access control solution. It’s perfect for sites where an online solution cannot be used due to cable restraints or when a network system is simply not needed. The installation is much easier because the only cabling requirements are to the lock release mechanism and a power supply. Systems require only one or more Mifare proximity readers (available in a surface silver or black finish and in a flush white, silver or grey finish), the management software, Mifare cards and a USB desktop reader for enrolment. An optional exit push button with a built-in remote relay is also available if higher security is required.


LILIN launch comprehensive AHD range

LILIN have announced a new, comprehensive range of AHD (Analogue High Definition) products including cameras and digital video recorders.

Designed with simplicity in mind, this new range can support up to 4MP HD video resolutions. With over 20 different types of AHD Camera in six different chassis there really is a solution for every application.

Models available include:
• Internal Mini Dome
• External Vandal-Resistant Cameras
• External Turret Camera
• External Bullet Camera
• External Varifocal Bullet

The LILIN range is very popular in the smart home market. Their hybrid digital video recorders even offer drivers for leading CI platforms including AMX, Control4, Crestron, Elan, Savant and URC to ensure seamless integration. Available as 4, 8 or 16 channel and able to record AHD/CVI/TVI/Analogue and IP, the ability to be able to mix and match cameras really does offer excellent flexibility. Users of the hybrid DVRs will also benefit from up to 80Mbps throughput, 4MP Camera Resolution.

The variants within the NVR 3 Series are:

DHD504A: 4 channel DVR, 1 internal HDD bay, 20Mbps throughput
DHD58A: 8 channel DVR, 1 internal HDD bay, 40Mbps throughput
DHD5016A: 16 channel DVR, 2 internal HDD bay, 80Mbps throughput


Bosch enhances Paviro evacuation system

The PAVIRO public address and voice evacuation system from Bosch now offers users new hardware and software features for enhanced usability and in larger applications. Using IP technology, PAVIRO provides a flexible, reliable and secure system solution with high audio quality and low latency. As installers can use existing networks in the building infrastructure relying on IP technology also results in faster installations and lower implementation costs.

PAVIRO can be interconnected with other devices such as PCs or laptops to allow efficient remote control, diagnostics and maintenance via the Internet.

Functionality and connectivity are achieved via the newly released Dante network interface module (OM-1) from Bosch. Now it is possible to create a 16 channel Dante audio network between the individual controllers. The IP network architecture allows users to create multi-controller network topologies for larger areas via up to four de-centralised controllers. This also means less cabling - a cost-saving factor in some applications.

At the maximum configuration level, the PAVIRO system can now address up to 984 zones with a total of 164,000 watts of amplification in one system. It also caters for existing installations whenever the infrastructure of a building changes and additional rooms need to be covered. In addition, the network configuration provides redundant channels for safety purposes - in an emergency these channels will always work for evacuation signals even if a controller loses network communication.

PAVIRO is EN 54-certified for use as a voice evacuation system. The certification allows architects, planners and specifiers to fulfil mandatory requirements specified in many tenders.


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