Opening hours over the festive period

Like most of the CCTV distribution industry Pro-Vision will be closed during the festive season. We will finish on Friday 22nd December and return on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Orders received on 2nd will be delivered on Wednesday 3rd January - subject to availability.

We would prefer that any equipment ordered on Friday 22nd December is not shipped until our first day back at work after the festivities so the equipment you requested is safe, secure and under lock and key (and CCTV!) at our warehouse - rather than ‘in transit’ with the courier. However if you would like the goods to be despatched on the 22nd December with the next available delivery date from DPD - please advise our sales team when you place your order.

Just to confirm, the sales office now start at 8:30am Monday to Friday. Orders placed up to 5:30pm will be shipped for next day delivery. Pro-Vision offer next day delivery as standard - with a timed delivery available at an additional cost. Needless to say this only applies to stock items and excludes any direct ship equipment – such as towers and poles.


Bosch Releases Video Management System 8.0

Bosch Video Management System 8.0 enables stitching* of multiple cameras into a single overview and offers more video for less power. BVMS 8.0 allows surveillance-operators to respond faster to incidents by monitoring a greater number of video cameras concurrently. This new system offers additional cost-efficiency and supports the latest ‘fusion’ dual-sensor technology.

*Stitching: enables one view to be compiled from many. The Bosch Video Stitcher, part of BVMS 8.0, combines video from multiple cameras into a single image. It seamlessly stitches multiple high-resolution cameras into a single panoramic view, allowing operators to monitor, for example, the stand in a stadium or airfield in an airport, as a single camera shot. The user can still zoom in and out as required but does not need to switch back and forth from one camera to another.

In addition users do not need to know which camera is tracking what specifics or where a camera is located and how it is linked to the surveillance network. The user can configure the stitched view with up to 16 cameras together.

GPU decoding means more video for less power. Security and IT departments typically equip security operators with multi-monitor workstations or video walls for maximum situational awareness. The need to render more cameras on multiple displays usually places additional strain on a workstation’s performance as more processing power is needed to decode video images as the number of cameras increases. Now a superior client performance is possible by using the decoding capacities of the GPU. In this way multiple ultra-high resolution (UHD) videos can be displayed in parallel without consuming CPU (Central Processing Unit) power.

64-bit function provides greater capacity. The BVMS 8.0 runs as a 64-bit application - up from 32-bit in its previous versions. This raises the maximum capacity of a single BVMS from 30 management servers with 100 cameras per server to 50 management servers with 200 cameras per server.

H.265 enabled cameras reduce storage and thus cut costs. With the introduction of Bosch H.265 video compression cameras can reduce bitrates. BVMS 8.0, users are able to configure Bosch H.265 enabled cameras allowing them to significantly reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

New ‘fusion’ optical-thermal cameras provide dual view. Bosch’s latest MIC IP Fusion 9000 camera combines – among many other features - an optical lens with a thermal lens – so surveillance can continue even in a smoke-filled room (with the thermal lens giving video whilst the optical lens is blocked out). BVMS 8.0 allows operators to easily switch between the optical and thermal view. In addition, one of the two streams (depending on which one is open) can be dragged and dropped into a new cameo.


Hanwha Techwin launches camera head and lens modules

Hanwha Techwin are launching their 2-megapixel network remote head camera and lens modules.

The new XNB-6001 is a camera with a separate body and lens module that allows the lens to be installed up to 8 metres away from the body. It transmits 2-megapixel resolution images at 60 fps and supports backlight compensation up to 120dB to provide clear and vivid image quality - even in badly lit conditions.

Cameras with a detachable head are optimised for installation in environments where space is limited or camera exposure needs to be minimised. They are often found in bank ATM machines as well as in public transport such as buses.

The device supports a wide variety of lenses. As a wide-angle lens, the 2.4-mm fixed-focus lens is best suited for wide-area surveillance. The 4.6 mm pinhole lens minimises the exposure of installed cameras with its tiny size.

The camera supports BI (Business Intelligence) features that can help improve the operational efficiency of shops by providing various smart functions such as Waiting Line Management for checking the activity of specific areas, People Counting for tracking the number of people and Heat Map for displaying the frequency of movement using colours.

H.265 and Hanwha WiseStream II image compression technology also helps to reduce network system costs with small-size, high-compression videos.


IDIS Strengthens the Integrity of Video Surveillance with Critical Failover

IDIS has introduced a powerful suite of features to bring critical failover capabilities and peace-of-mind to users of the company’s innovative technology offerings. Bringing together existing, improved and new failover features IDIS has addressed the multiple threats to crucial video surveillance operations with IDIS Critical Failover - a collection of five capabilities that strengthen the fault tolerance of your CCTV infrastructure.

IDIS Critical Failover consists of five parts: Temporary Smart Failover, Smart Failover, Storage Redundancy, NVR Failover and Dual Power Supply.

Should you experience a problem with network instability, Temporary Smart Failover starts recording to an internal session buffer (of at least 60MB) to ensure there is no break in the data being sent to the NVR. For longer network issues, such as a complete failure of the link between the camera and the NVR, Smart Failover takes over. When the IP camera and NVR become disconnected, the camera instantly begins recording to an internal SD card. It records at the original quality until half of the SD card is filled up and then adjusts the quality to ensure a full 24 hours of footage is captured on just one 32GB card. H.265 cameras add support for SDXC cards with a theoretical limit of 2TB. Once the network link is restored all the data is automatically transferred to the NVR leaving no incident unrecorded.

Storage Redundancy exists inside the NVR (DR-8364D) in the form of native RAID 1 or RAID 5 support. With RAID 1 support the NVR stores two identical copies of the data, so if one disk fails, the data is retrieved from the second one. RAID 5 stores the data and additional parity data in separate locations, providing the same redundancy, but more efficiently than RAID 1.

NVR Failover protects against the failure of the entire NVR with a standby NVR. Both the primary and standby NVR continuously monitor one another to quickly switch to the functioning NVR during a failure - reducing the risk of data loss and failover response times.

Finally, Native Dual Power Supplies (DR-8364D) provide a redundant power supply in case the first one fails, increasing uptime and reducing the risk of data loss.

IDIS Critical Failover helps users to mitigate risk with its unique multi-layered protection for key components. The IDIS total solution offers an end-to-end, single sourced solution that delivers plug-and-play simplicity, combined with the highest quality performance, compatibility and a low total cost of ownership.


LILIN release 4K compatible NVRs

LILIN have released their new 3 Series, 3rd generation network video recorders (NVRs). The range offers simple set-up with their wizards – IPScan and WS-discovery - plus IP drivers for all the leading Custom Install (CI) platforms to offer seamless integration.

As they are compatible with 4K cameras they deliver stunning images. The recorders are equipped with ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processors with a maximum recording throughput at 144Mbps (incoming 96Mbps, outgoing 48Mbps). With local VGA and HDMI display (Full HD resolution at 1920x1080) and mouse and keyboard input available configuration is simple. The LILIN mobile phone (iOS and Android) solution communicates with the new 3 series NVRs.


Videx offer Kristallo series door stations

The KR-AV from Videx is a range of 1 button video door panels for the VX2200 system. Available in vandal-resistant 12 gauge 316 grade stainless steel for surface or flush mounting Kristallo style panels. (Flush mounting is for internal use only).

The vandal-resistant variant is available as both flush and surface mount and includes a colour camera and call button. The Kristallo style panels are available in a choice of white or black satin smooth finish. They feature touch controls for the call button, coded access and an auxiliary relay (for example to switch on a light) and include a colour camera with illumination.

These panels can be used standalone or as part of a larger system with communal entrances where there is a need to also have a video intercom at each apartment entrance for additional security. In the case of the Kristallo style units (KR-AV-W and KR-AV-B) the tenants can also use the entry panel to gain access using an access code that can be entered on the 4 button keypad.


SeeTec announce R11 of VMS solution Cayuga and SeeTec BVI

SeeTec has released an update of its core products for the second time in 2017 with their new R11 video management software (VMS) solutions - SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI.

Benefits for large installations are that the updates now contain many “behind the scenes” improvements for customers and users of SeeTec’s software solutions designed to make the experience of working with the software more reliable and easy to use. Large installations (with a master and slave structure) will especially profit from the increased overall VMS performance.

SeeTec has tweaked the ISearch feature within Cayuga, which is one of the most used tools, so that it now delivers search results that are up to 20 x faster. The search function does not require any previously generated meta data and displays first results whilst the search is still in progress. A new notification window gives the user detailed information in most cases about where there is a problem with the Device Manager (DM) or the Media Data Base (MDB), making it much easier to look for the cause of a problem within the installation.

As with each new release, SeeTec Cayuga now also contains support for more cameras and their functionalities with smart drivers – for example Panasonic. For critical environments with strict security policies in place, the communication between the hardware and SeeTec Cayuga can now be encrypted using TLS 1.2 - depending on whether the cameras used can support this protocol.

SeeTec BVI has also received some handling improvements. The map view has been revamped to improve usability to not only gain easier access to the feeds of the camera but also to receive a faster overview and handling of events. Videos can now be exported in the open AVI format and viewed in any video viewer software. Pre-defined dashboards and reports can be generated to automate reporting and provide quick and easy access and dispersal to the relevant KPIs of the installed system to interested parties.


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