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Vanderbilt is a global provider of security systems. With a European headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany, the company is active in 95 countries. Vanderbilt designs, manufactures and distributes systems which make environments in organizations of all sizes safe, secure and easy to maintain, complemented by an agile and flexible service that is targeted at meeting a broad variety of customers’ application needs.
Vanderbilt has provided solutions that fit a broad set of end user applications ranging from banking, education, heathcare, retail and more. The Vanderbilt portfolio covers traditional intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems and now cloud-based access and video fitting the needs of facilities from SMBs to enterprise requirements.
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Vanderbilt Readers & Cards
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ABP5100 MiFare Cards..

ABR5100 SiPass Card..

ABR5100 SiPass Key Tag..

BC43 Card Pin Reader..

BC5511 Cotag Reader..

BC5516 Cotag Reader..

HD500 Cotag Reader..

HF500 Cotag Reader..

IB911 Prox Tag..

IB928 Camshell Card..

IB928 Cotag Card..

IB958M Cotag Card..

IB961 Cotag Card..

IB968 Cotag Card..

IB970 Cotag Tag..

M43 Pin Reader..

PM500 Cotag Reader..

PP500 Cotag Reader..

PR500 Cotag Card Reader..

Readers - Overview..

SP500 Cotag Card Reader..

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