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Videoswitch are a leading manufacturer of DVRs and Domes in the UK, providing innovative products that are designed to meet the real needs of the user in terms of usability, quality, performance and price. Videoswitch design products that are reliable and straight-forward to use during installation and operation. They are designed for easy maintenance on-site. Our products are also environmentally friendly, being manufactured and shipped locally in the UK and designed for low power consumption. We are ISO9002 certified (Lloyds), products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality.
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> Domes :: Analogue Domes(1)

> Recorders :: DVRs(12)

> Quads :: Quads(1)

> Accessories :: Video Dist Amps(1)

> Cameras :: Analogue Bullet Cameras(1)

> IP Equipment :: IP HD Cameras and Domes(4)

> IP Equipment :: Network Recorders(1)

> IP Equipment :: IP Equipment(1)

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OS-DR1 Series DVR..

Vi 205 Series DVR..

Vi-M1 Series..

Vi-M2 Series..

Vi-M3 Series..

Vi-M4 Series..

Vi-R2001 8 Channel DVR..

Vi-R2005 8 Channel H264 DVR c/w DVD..

Vi-R4005 16 Channel H264 Real-Time DVR..

VI-R4105 H.264 Real-Time Hybrid DVR..

Vi-R7416 Series 3 Format DVR..

Vi-R7616 3 Format DVRs..

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