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Hanwha Techwin Europe, formerly Samsung Techwin offers robust and reliable video surveillance products designed to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Our cameras, video recorders and other IP network devices are built to exacting standards which reflect our heritage of precision engineering.
We provide a full spectrum of products and solutions for city surveillance, retail, transport, banking and homes, ensuring customers 24/7 safety regardless of place.
We have established a global force with five branches, 17 offices and more than 5,000 worldwide eco-partners.
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> IP Equipment :: IP HD Cameras and Domes(26)

> IP Equipment :: IP Cameras & Domes(23)

> IP Equipment :: Network Recorders(6)

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> IP Equipment :: IP Software(4)

> Cameras :: Analogue Cameras(6)

> Cameras :: Analogue Bullet Cameras(4)

> Monitors & TFTs :: Monitors(8)

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> Telemetry :: Telemetry Tx/Rx(1)

> Domes :: Analogue Domes(10)

> Domes :: Analogue Vandal Resistant(8)

> Domes :: Analogue Domes - Ruggedised(2)

> HD Over Coax :: Analogue HD Over Coax(11)

> Samsung :: Wisenet X Series (IP)(25)

> Samsung :: WiseNet111 Network Cameras (IP)(14)

> Samsung :: Analogue 1280H 1000 TVL Beyond Range(11)

> Samsung :: Samsung WiseNet Lite (IP)(15)

> Samsung :: WiseNet Q H.265 Range (IP)(12)

> Samsung :: Wisenet P 4K range (IP)(7)

> ANPR Systems :: ANPR Equipment(1)

Wisenet X Series (IP)
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XNB-6000 X Series 2MP Network Box Camera..

XNB-6001 X Series 2MP Remote Head Camera..

XNB-8000 5MP Network Box Camera..

XND-6010 2MP Fixed Network Dome..

XND-6080 2MP Varifocal Network Dome..

XND-6080R 2MP Varifocal Network Dome c/w IR LEDs..

XND-6080RV 2MP Varifocal Network Dome c/w IR LEDs..

XND-6080V 2MP Varifocal Vandal-Resistant Network Dome..

XND-8020R/30R/40R 5MP Network IR Fixed Domes..

XND-8080R 5MP Varifocal, Vandal-Resistant Network Dome c/w IR LEDs..

XND-8080RV 5MP Varifocal, Vandal-Resistant Network Dome c/w IR LEDs..

XNF-8010R/RV/RVM 6MP Sensor Fisheye Dome..

XNO-6010R/20R 2MP Network IR Fixed Bullet Cameras..

XNO-6080R 2MP IR Bullet..

XNO-8020R.30R/40R 5 MP IR Network IR Fixed Bullets..

XNO-8080R 5MP Network IR Bullet..

XNV-6010 2MP Fixed External Vandal-Resistant Network Dome..

XNV-6080 2MP Varifocal Vandal-Resistant Network dome..

XNV-6080R 2MP Varifocal Vandal-Resistant External Network Dome c/w IR LEDs..

XNV-8020R/30R/40R 5MP V/R Network IR Fixed Domes..

XNV-8080R 5MP Varifocal Vandal-Resistant External Network Dome c/w IR Leds..

XRN-1610S 16 Channel NVR with PoE Switch..

XRN-2010 32 Channel NVR..

XRN-2011 32 Channel NVR..

XRN-3010 64 Channel NVR..

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