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Genie CCTV Ltd. is an ISO 9001 registered supplier of CCTV, Network IP and Access Control product ranges. The product range comprises of Cameras, PTZs, Housings, IR LED Illuminators, TFT LCD Monitors, DVRs, Network IP Transmission, Hybrid Video Management Console, Wireless Bridges, UTP Smart Cabling, Biometric Proximity Readers, Keypads, Remote Fobs, Magnetic Strikes and Locks and much more. The company operates from a modern 22,000 square foot building in Hertfordshire. Equipped with self contained state-of-the-art demonstration and training facilities, Genie offers an extensive portfolio of services and training courses to its customer base.
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> IP Equipment :: Network Recorders(14)

> IP Equipment :: IP HD Cameras and Domes(29)

> IP Equipment :: IP Equipment(5)

> Cameras :: Analogue Cameras(5)

> Cameras :: Analogue Bullet Cameras(7)

> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Active(10)

> Transmission :: Transmission Equipment(1)

> Domes :: Analogue Domes(1)

> Domes :: Analogue Domes - Ruggedised(1)

> Power Supply Units :: 24vAC Rack Mount(1)

> Quads :: Quads(1)

> Monitors & TFTs :: Monitors(4)

> Accessories :: Video Signal Equip(4)

> Housings :: Housings(1)

> HD Over Coax :: Analogue HD Over Coax(27)

> Recorders :: DVRs(3)

> ANPR Systems :: ANPR Equipment(2)

> General :: General(1)

> Access Control :: Door Entry(3)

IP HD Cameras and Domes
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EZPZ 4 Channel Plug & Play IP Kit..

HD Vehicle Camera..

WIP13B 1.3MP IR Bullet Camera..

WIP13BV 1.3MP IR Bullet c/w Varifocal Lens..

WIP13EB Series 1.3MP IR Eyeball Dome..

WIP13VD 1.3MP IR Dome..

WIP13VDV 1.3MP IR V/R Dome..

WIP2722BV 2MP IR Bullett Camera..

WIP2EBV 2MP IR Eyeball Dome..

WIP2VD 2MP IR Dome..


WIP3722BV5M Wish 3MP IR Varifocal H.265 Bullet..

WIP3B5 Wish IP 3MP H.265 Bullet..

WIP3BLBV5 Wish 3MP IP External H.265 Bullet..

WIP3BV 3MP IR Bullet c/w Varifocal Lens..

WIP3BV5 Wish IP 3MP Varifocal H.265 Bullet..

WIP3BV5M Wish IP 2MP Varifocal H.265 Bullet..


WIP3EB5 Wish IP 3MP IR Eyeball H.265 Dome..

WIP3EBV 3MP IR Eyeball Dome..

WIP3PTZ20IR Wish 3MP H.265 PTZ Dome..

WIP3VD5 Wish 3MP IR V/R H.265 Dome..


WIP3VDV5 Wish 3MP IR V/R H.265 Dome..

WIP3VDV5M Wish 3MP IP IR V/R H.265 Dome..

WIP4LBV5 Wish 4MP IP IR H.265 Bullet..

WIP4VDV5 Wish 4MP IP IR H.265 Dome..

WIP5BV5 Wish 5MP IP IR Varifocal H.265 Bullet..

WIP5VDV5 Wish 5MP IP IR H.265 Dome..

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