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LILIN are one of the World's largest IP manufacturers offering network video solutions. With 30 years experience, LILIN provides expertise in digital video. LILIN systems can allow a single operator to monitor cameras from anywhere on the network or remote users to access live and recorded video. LILIN operates worldwide with offices in more than 13 countries and partners in more than 20 countries. Founded in 1980, LILIN has more than 600 employees worldwide with UK headquarters located in Milton Keynes.
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IP HD Cameras and Domes
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FD2452 360 Degree HD IP Camera..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPD-2122S Dome..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPD-2220 Dome..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPG-1022 Box camera..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPR-320 Dome..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPR-722S Bullet..

iMEGAPRO 11 IPR-7242-7428 Bullet 45m Range..

iMEGAPRO 111 IPR-434-438..

iMEGAPRO 111 IPR7334-7338 Bullet..

iMegapro HD Bullet IPR424 & 428 55m Range..

iMegapro HD Bullet IPR7722ESX 35m Range..

IPC0122 Covert camera for ATMs..

IPC0422 Stainless Steel IR IP 2MP Dome..

IPD-112 Series Domes..

IPG-012 Series Cameras..

IPG1032ESX3 3MP Box Camera..

IPR-31 Series Domes..

IPR-614 Series Bullets..

IPR-712 Series Bullets..

IPS2102E 10x 1080p HD PTZ Dome c/w IR LEDs..

L Series 1080P HD VR IR Dome - LR6022X..

L Series IP Bullet LR7224X & LR7228X 55m Range..

L Series IP Bullet LR7424X & LR7428X 45m Range..

L Series IP Bullet LR7722X 35m Range..

LD222 1080p HD Microdome IP Camera..

LR7922 TDN External Bullet c/w IR LEDs..

M Series 4MP IR Fixed Dome - MR3042A..

M Series 4MP Vandal-Resistant IR Fixed Dome - MR6342A..

M Series External 1080p IR Fixed Dome - MR632..

M Series External 1080p Vandal-Resistat IR Fixed Dome - MR6322A..

M Series Internal 1080p IR Fixed Dome - MR3022A..

MR652 M Series External IR 1080p Network Turret Dome Camera..

PSD4624EX30 60fps Full HD PTZ Network Dome..

SR8222 Network External HD 35m IR Range Fixed Lens IP Bullet..

UFG112 120fps Box Camera..

UHG1182 4K TDN HD IP Box Camera..

ZR8022 External IR 1080p Network Bullet..

ZSR8122X Network External HD 35m IR Range Varifocal IP Bullet..

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