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Xtralis invented the industryís first motion detection systems and has been at the heart of multi-site, remotely monitored security for more than 25 years. From our perimeter security solutions to our award-winning transmission and video management systems, ADPRO by Xtralis helps you see the bigger picture to transform your approach to security from reactive to proactive threat detection. And we continue to innovate with our latest generation technologies so you can protect your facility from its edge to its core.
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Transmission Equipment
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FastTrace 2 Hybrid..

FastTrace 2 Hybrid Event Recorder..

FastTrace 2 Lite..

FastTrace 2E Hybrid Network Video & Audio Recording / Transmitting / Analytics..

FastTrace 2E Tx Network Video & Audio Event Recorder/Transmitter..

FastTrace 2X Hybrid..


V3100 Hybrid..

V3100 Lite..

V3100 Tx Hybrid..

Video Central Software..

Video Central Software - Platinum..

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