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We design, develop and market innovative transmission, storage and display products, primarily for network video applications. Our aim is to support the evolution and deployment of mega-pixel video surveillance, designing unique products which solve real-world IP Video problems. Our IP transmission products are used, recommended and trusted by all the major IP camera manufacturers and thousands of system integrators and end-users worldwide.
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IP Equipment
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Camswitch 4 Plus - 4Channel plus 1 PoE ..

Camswitch 8 Plus 8 Channel plus 2 PoE in..

Highwire - High Speed Ethernet Over Coax..

Highwire Longstar Lite Long Distance Ethernet over Coax (data)..

Highwire Longstar Long Distance Ethernet over Coax..

Highwire Powerstar - Ethernet and PoE Over Coax..

Highwire Powerstar Base 4 Base unit for 4 coax channels..

Highwire Powerstar Duo 2-port PoE camera / IP device unit..

Highwire Powerstar Quad 4-port PoE camera / IP device unit..

Longspan - Long Range Ethernet & PoE..

Outbreak - Power Over Ethernet Splitter..

Outreach Lite - LAN & PoE Extender..

Outreach Max Ethernet & Network Extender..

Outreach Max XT - External LAN & PoE Extender..

Outsource - PoE Injector..

Pinpoint IP Camera Set-up & Focusing Adaptor..

Pinpoint Wireless - Focus & Adjust IP cameras from Smart device..

Pointsource Plus Portable PoE+ Injector..

Pointsource Wireless Portable PoE+ Injector with built-in Wireless..

Timenet Pro GPS based Master NTP Time..

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