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B-Tech Audio Video Mounts is a leading original design manufacturer of professional AV mounting solutions. B-Tech mounts have been used in some of the most prestigious sports stadia, hotels, schools, shopping malls and conference facilities worldwide. Mounts and supports are designed in the UK to meet the stringent GS/TUV safety standards and come complete with a 10-year lifetime guarantee. The B-Tech Range of AV mounts are designed to make professional installations safe, solid and secure, whilst providing simple, cost effective solutions for commercial and public installations.
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TFT Brackets
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BT4041 60mm Collar..

BT7374 Twin Flat Screen Desk Mount..

BT7806 HD Floor/Ceiling Mount - 5mm dia..

BT7806 HD Twin Floor/Ceiling Mount - 50mm dia..

BT7808 Ceiling/Wall Mount with Tilt - 50mm Dia..

BT7831 Wall Bracket - 50mm Dia..

BT7841 50mm Collar..

BT8221 Ultra-Slim Double Arm Flat Screen Wall Mount..

BT8225 Ultra Slim Wall Mount c/w Cantilever Arms..

BT8311 Professional Video Wall Mount..

BT8312 Ultra-Slim Pop-Out Video Wall Mount..

BT8321 System X Portrait Signage Mount..

BT8341 Universal pop-in, pop-out Video Wall Mounting System..

BT8351 Pop-In Pop-Out Free Standing Video Wall Mount..

BT8372-2X2 System X Bolt Down Video Wall Stand..

BT8372-3X3 System X Bolt Down Video Wall Stand..

BT8380-FSB System X Free Standing Floor Base..

BT8390-VESA1200F Fixed Interface Arms..

BT8390-VESA400MAP Pop-out Interface..

BT8390-VESA8000F Fixed Interface Arms..

BT8551 Flat Screen Display Stand - 50'' screen..

BT8552 Back-to-Back Flat Screen Display Stand - 50'' screen..

BT8553 Flat Screen Display Stand - 65'' screen..

BT8554 Back-to-Back Flat Screen Display Stand - 65'' screen..

BT9903 Heavy Duty Flat Screen Wall Mount - 65'' Monitors..

Mountlogic Range..

ProInstall Range..

Range Options..

Solutions for Microsoft Surface Hub System..

System 2 Range..

System V Range..

System X..

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