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Network Video Technologies is the world leader in UTP-based Hybrid analogue video and camera power transmission. From the beginning, our focus on this technology has enabled us to help our customers connect the world of cost-effective analogue cameras and UTP, to a thoughtfully deployed digital future.
Now, with the introduction of the NVT Ethernet-over-Coax product range, we are deploying technology that allows our customers a choice; to connect and power IP cameras over installed coax cable, at distances beyond PoE.
We have an industry acknowledged reputation for supplying products that are best in class, easy to use, well supported and feature a limited lifetime warranty. NVT products have been used in major UK airports, sports & entertainment stadias, national rail applications and much more.
Network Video Technologies (NVT)
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> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Active(11)

> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Passive(11)

> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Power Video Data(13)

> IP Equipment :: IP Equipment(17)

UTP Video Tx/Rx - Power Video Data
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NV-16PS10-PVD Hub..

NV-16PS13-PVD Hub..

NV-16PS42-PVD HUb..




NV-32PS42-PVD Hub..

NV-4PS10-PVD Hub..

NV-4PS13-PVD Hub..



NV-8PS13-PVD Hub..

NV-8PS42-PVD Hub..

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