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We make IP connections in far places quick, easy and cost-effective. Our CHARIoT Series of long reach PoE switches enable customers to migrate to an IP-based network using existing Coax and UTP cabling. Our technology transforms an existing or new infrastructure into an IP path with power. With little to no business disruption. Our number one priority is providing innovative solutions that are simple, affordable, efficient and practical for customers.

NVT Phybridge products have been used in major UK airports, sports & entertainment stadia's, national rail applications and much more.
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> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Active(11)

> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Passive(11)

> Transmission :: UTP Video Tx/Rx - Power Video Data(13)

IP Equipment
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CLEER24 Managed Long Reach Ethernet over Coax PoE Switch - NV-CLR-024..

EC10 Unmanaged Long Reach Ethernet over Coax PoE Switch - NV-EC-10..

FLEX Long Reach UTP/STP PoE Extender Kits - NV-FLXLK-XKIT & 04-XKIT..

FLEX24 Managed Long Reach 2- or 4-Pair UTP/STP PoE Switch - NV-FLX-024..

NV-314A Video/Audio Transceiver..

NV-418A Video/Audio Transceiver..

NV-418AR Video/Audio Transceiver..

NV-518A Video/Audio Transceiver..

NV-518AR Video/Audio Transceiver..

NV-EC1701 EoC Transceiver PoE..

NV-EC1701U Eo2 Transceiver PoE..

NV-EC1701U Eo2 Transceiver PoE..

NV-ER1804 TBus Receiver..

NV-ER1808i TBus Receiver Hub..

NV-ER1816i TBus Receiver Hub..

NV-ET1801 Single Port PoE+ Transmitter..

NV-ET1804 TBus 4 Port PoE+ Transmitter..

NV-RJ45A RJ45 to Screw Terminal Adaptor..

NV-RM15 Rack Mount Video/Audio Transceiver System..

NV-RM8/10 Rack Panel..

NV-RMEC16 EoC Rack Mount Tray Kit..

PoLRE LPC Unmanaged Long Reach Single-Pair UTP/STP PoE Switch NV-PL-08..

PoLRE24/PoLRE48 Managed Long Reach Single-Pair UTP/STP PoE Switches NV-PL-024 & 048..

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