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Optex is the world's leading manufacturer of infrared detection devices for the security industry, with over 30 years experience in the manufacture of specialist internal and external detection technology suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and very high security installations. Optex was the first company in the world to take technology that was more commonly associated with military and medical fields and start using it in the development of security sensors for commercial (and subsequently residential) applications.
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M/ Detection PIR
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Boundary Guard Ext Detectors - BX-80N/80NR Battery Operated Model..

Boundary Guard Ext Detectors VX Infinity Series..

Optex Active Beam Battery operated Photoelectric Detector AX-100/200TFR..

Optex Active Beam Short Range Photoelectric Detector AX-100/200TF..

Optex Active Beam Smart Line Series Battery Operated SL-100 TNR & Sl-200 TNR..

Optex Active Beam Smart Line Series Battery Operated SL-100TNR & 200TNR..

Optex Active Beam SmartLine Series Photoelectric Detector..

Optex Active Beams Smart Line Series SL-350QFR & Sl-350QNR..

Optex Active IR Beamtowers - TW, STW & STWM..

Optex Active Pre-Built Beamtowers - TWD, STW-RR & STWM-RR..

Optex Boundary Guard Ext Detector - Compact FIT Series..

Optex Boundary Guard Ext Detector HX-40 Series..

Optex Boundary Guard Ext Detector HX-80N Series..

Optex Boundary Guard Ext Detectors Battery Powered Ricochet Mesh Technology..

Optex Boundary Guary Ext Detector - VX Shield Series..

Optex Redscan Laser RLS-3060L Detector..

Optex Redscan Laser RLS-3060SH Detector..

Optex Redscan Mini..

Optex Redwall Intelligent PIR c/w Day/Night Camera..

Optex Redwall Intelligent PIR SIP-3020, 4010 & 404..

Optex Redwall Intelligent PIR SIP-3020/5, 4010/5 & 404/5..

Optex Redwall Intelligent PIR SIP-5030 & SIP-100..

Optex Redwall Wireless Detectors SIP-3020WFLT & 4010WFLT..

Optex Redwall Wireless PIRs SIP-3020WF, 4010WF & 404WF..

Optex Rescan Mini - Internal..

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