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BBV has twenty years experience working with our customers to create a safer environment both at work and in the community. Our forte is creating CCTV systems that integrate security and surveillance into today's society. We achieve a careful balance of technology and common sense, melding existing equipment into modern, up to date specifications, ensuring our customers achieve economic solutions to their future security challenges.
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> Telemetry :: Telemetry Tx/Rx(20)

> Matrix :: Matrix Equipment(1)

> Accessories :: Video Signal Equip(2)

Telemetry Tx/Rx
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Asgard HD Decoder..

Asguard HD Physical Interface..

BBV Biphase Converter..

BBV Protocol Converter - Single Camera..

Coax Telemetry Interface 16 Camera..

CT1/8 Coax Telemetry Interface 8 Camera..

CTi Plus - Coax Telemetry Interface - Single Camera..

RX10X/WBX RX10X/230/24/WBX RX10X/ALX Multi Dome Interface Receivers..

RX25X Multi Protocol Auxiliary Relay Receivers..

RX35X Multiple Protocol AC Receiver..

RX45X MK5 Advanced Multiple Protocol AC Receiver..

RX55X MK5 Advanced Multiple Protocol DC Receiver..

Single Camera COAX Converter 2..

Star Repeater 16..

Starcard Converter to Drive 3rd Party Domes..

Starcard RS485/422 distribution..

TX1000 Transmitter..

TX1500 Keypad..

TX1500 Matrix and Telemetry Controller..


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