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GJD Manufacturing Limited is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of professional exterior detection equipment as well as CCTV and lighting controllers utilised in the intruder surveillance industry. By listening to, and working closely with our customers, we are able to continuously refine and evolve our products and quality systems. Our policy has been to provide a service, which is constantly updated to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers and in accordance with all current, and anticipated, industry standards.
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M/ Detection PIR
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D-Tect 1 HT Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect 1 Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect 2 IP Motion Detector..

D-Tect 2 Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect 3 IP Motion Detector..

D-Tect 3 Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect 40 IP Motion Detector..

D-Tect 40 Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect 50 IP Motion Detector..

D-Tect 50 Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect Accessories Range..

D-Tect Dual A-M Anti-Masking Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect Dual HT Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect Dual Motion Detector - Wired..

D-Tect Inovonics Enabled - Wireless..

D-Tect Laser - Wired..

D-Tect R Ricochet Enabled - Wireless..

D-Tect X Detector - Wireless..

D-Tect X MKIII Detector - Wireless..

D-Tect X Universal Motion Detector - Wireless..

DTect X 50 Motion Detector - Wireless..

Elite PIR Detector - Wired..

GSM Communicator Dialer..

Laser-Watch Laser Sensor..

Mini Opal External PIR..

MX20 Quad Mini Detector - Wired..

MX20-HT Detector - Wired..

MX35 PIR Motion Detector - Wired..

Opal RFX Detector - Wireless..

Opal XL Motion Detector..

Pearl Triple Tech Anti-Masking 'Curtain Detector' - Wired..

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